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                          • Origami Paper with Patterns and Designs

                            Origami Paper with Patterns and Designs

                            From animal designs to floral prints and from gradients and geometric shapes to artist-designed prints, find fun and inspiring papers for your origami project. Patterned Origami Paper brings bright and lively colors and patterns to your origami figures.
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                          • 8 Ways to Embellish and Decorate Your Layouts

                            8 Ways to Embellish and Decorate Your Layouts

                            Every part of creating a scrapbook layout is a special process that comes with its own challenges, techniques, and choices to be made. From choosing the photos to choosing the supplies, to titling or even making the memories in the first place, creating layouts is an experience all in its own!
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                          • Where to Get Started Scrapbooking

                            Where to Get Started Scrapbooking

                            It's important to decide what kind of scrapbook you'd like to make. Do you want to create a scrapbook about a specific event, like the birth of your daughter? Do you have a ton of antique family photos you'd like to preserve in one place? Or, do you have many events you'd like to detail, in which case each layout could tell its own story, combined in a single scrapbook?
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                          • Paper craft

                            Paper craft

                            Paper craft is the collection of art forms employing paper or card as the primary artistic medium for the creation of three-dimensional objects. It is the most widely used material in arts and crafts. It lends itself to a wide range of techniques, as it can for instance be folded, cut, glued, molded, stitched, or layered. Papermaking by hand is also an important paper craft. Painting and calligraphy though they are commonly applied as decoration are normally considered as separate arts or crafts.
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                          • Floral Double sided scrapbook paper

                            Floral Double sided scrapbook paper

                            Fresh is not always better. In a world where anything organic or natural is trendy, Nicole Hernandez is proving that artificial can sometimes be just as good as the real thing. At least, as far as flowers are concerned. This East Plano resident and entrepreneur is the founder of Paper in Bloom, a business that sells stunning, one-of-a-kind flower bouquets made entirely from paper.
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                          • Origin Of CARDS

                            Origin Of CARDS

                            The origin of tang taizong used greeting CARDS for the ministers to visit the New Year and the Spring Festival, to the head of the state, to the ordinary people, all have the habit of sending CARDS to friends and relatives. Greeting card this special blessing medium, exactly when the birth, why it will spread to the present, and experienced how the development change.
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                          • The Relevance Of Printing And Modern Life

                            The Relevance Of Printing And Modern Life

                            Since ancient times, printing has been closely associated with people's lives, and people have accumulated knowledge and recorded life through printed matter. With the development of the era, printing as one of the more and more important factors in people's lives real reflected, so some people say no, "food, clothing, shelter, transportation, printing" is the five elements of people's life.
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                          • Do These 8 Precautions To Make The Perfect Print

                            Do These 8 Precautions To Make The Perfect Print

                            What do you use scrapbook paper for? Many uses for scrapbooking paper sheet, it’s the base of scrapbooking pages, or cut them into smaller sections to use in card making and other paper crafts. try adding interest or a splash to your photo album, patterned scrapbooking paper is usually size 12*12, 8*8”, and 6*6”, other sizes are available as request. Versatile designs to use in various projects, each paper features a different front and back design, big & small, attracting people of all ages.
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                          • Picture Book Printing And Bag Printing Paper Difference

                            Picture Book Printing And Bag Printing Paper Difference

                            Exquisite album printing must have beautiful design and perfect size, paper of exquisite, at first, enterprises should do a belong to your company's catalog, the designer must understand how to design the size of the picture, the color of the picture, the size of the type area, general a professional typesetting printing software, not the word we use software can print issue
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                          • How to Make a Layered Die Cut Card

                            How to Make a Layered Die Cut Card

                            A little planning in advance will go a long way in creating special card for special occasions -- think baby showers, weddings, new homes and more.
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                          • Pop-Up character stickers

                            Pop-Up character stickers

                            Pop-Up character stickers are designed to stand upright on surfaces on the themed background scene included. The stickers are re-usable.
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                          • How to choose the wallpaper pattern?

                            How to choose the wallpaper pattern?

                            How to choose the wallpaper pattern?Choose according to the owner's age and hobbies. The bedroom of old people asks simple, grave, appropriate chooses the style of design and color quietly elegant, design decorative pattern exquisite and meticulous; The style of children bedroom should be a cheerful and lively, vigorous, therefore should choose bright-coloured and lively, the body of the novel and rich color, optional cartoon character designs, fairy tales, blocks or flowers; The choice range of middle and young people is bigger, from luxuriant and elegant European classic style, contracted and exquisite modern style, to soft and beautiful romantic Mediterranean style can satisfy their aesthetic demand.
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